Derick Hoskinson

Senior Clinical Scientist

Chicago, IL

About me

I am a Senior Clinical Scientist for a large health care + tech company in Chicago IL.

Human genetics, data analysis, and the integration of big data into modern web applications is what I stay up at night thinking about.

Education and Experience

I completed my Ph.D in genetics at Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in Boston, MA. Human genetics Inherited genetics Cancer genetics Genome builds Variant science Web technologies Typescript React R Python -ORMs CSS HTML PostgresQL


I was born in western New York state where I lived until I moved to Bolivar Missouri until I went off to college, quit college and moved to Boston in 2001. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston, then graduate school at Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and finally I worked as a post doctoral student at The Laboratory for Molecular Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

After a couple of years I used my skill in interpreting genomic variants to join a small start up called Tempus labs. It's been five years and I have expanded the breadth of my understanding in genetics and have fostered emergent coding skills. I have used those skills to create new assays, support automation in production, and improve processes in between.

I'm really excited about the future in genetics and web development. I hope to find a really great position where I can use my fantastic scientific knowledge to inform data analysis, display and the development of modern web applications to view and use the data.


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