Japan 2023 Image Carousel

An Image Carousel built with React and Typescript and Tailwindcss


  • Image Carousel
  • Pagination
  • UpVote

T3 Stack S3 Image Upload with Blog Post

I wanted to try a new technology stack so I replicated Image upload functionality from my social media apps in the T3 stack.


  • Pre-signed uploads
  • S3
  • Image Upload
  • blogging

DNA Reverse Complement

A simple DNA reverse complement app. Enter a DNA sequence and get the reverse complement back


  • DNA Reverse Compliment Box

To Do App

A simple todo application created with Remix


  • useFetcher
  • ShadCn UI

A Cellular Wind

A Cellular Wind is a blog that I'm writing using markdown. It's really my first foray into MD


  • Markdown
  • Blogging
  • RSS Feed

ACMG Variant Classification

A web app for ACMG Variant Classification


  • variant classification
  • gene search
  • gene list
  • variant list
  • variant search
  • variant details
  • gene details
  • variant classification details